The Light of Eternal Agape

Crown of Life Fukuoka Church

TLEA group has been established in Kokubunji city, Tokyo in April 1984. From the beginning, the Lord has been led us to listening to His voice and obey Him thoroughly, in this walk, God has been started mission work in Japan and overseas. The Crown of Life Fukuoka Church is one of them. We are a Charismatic, Protestant Church in Japan. We have nothing to do with the so-called "Christian" cults such as the Unification Church, Jehova's Witness, and Mormonism.

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Worship Service

Sunday】 In-person & Online

  • Afternoon Service 15:00~ (Live Broadcasting ・Simultaneous interpreting)

※Sunday Morning Services and Tuesday Service are only in Japanese. For more information, click time schedule below.

Special Event

Fukuoka Charismatic Holy Meeting

Fukuoka Charismatic & Seminar of Prophecy

Next Holy Meeting is

      October 24、Mon. Evening

Other Events & Meetings


J.Gospel Web Concert

Japanese Gospel Songs are given us by God's leading, they bring you peace, joy and hope.

Every last Sunday of month, this web concert is held. From 1:15pm on YouTube.

Next Web concert is on 10/30, Sun.

Healing Ministry

Next Healing Ministry is October 16.

It will start from around 1:10pm-1:40pm at Masatomo Bldg. We will broadcast it on YouTube, too.

If you have some prayer requests, send us your prayer requests by e-mail. We would like to pray for you.

Meet Our Pastors

Senior Pastor Israel M. Kosuda

Senior Pastor Israel M. Kosuda

Pastor Noriko Sada

Pastor Noriko Sada

Thanksgiving / the Gift of the Holy Spirit / History of Martyrdom in Japan

Merlin Carothers

Merlin Carothers

Late Rev. Merlin Carothers, an author of Prison to Praise, Power of Praise or other books, is the well known vessel of God. God led him to TLEA, opened special relationship with Rev. Merlin Carothers for more than 20 years. Watch these videos of his message and seminar of Thanksgiving and praise.

Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan and the History of Martyrdom

Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan and the History of Martyrdom

Paul Akimoto’s Prophecy Seminar

Paul Akimoto’s Prophecy Seminar

Pastor Paul Akimoto of TLEA Tokyo Antioch Church is the author of the book of PROPHECY-Its reality and use. We made these Videos to learn the gift of prophecy and how to use it according the Bible. Have a look.



J.GOSPEL was born in Japan by God's direction. We have been made Japanese Gospel songs since 2001. Lots of gospel groups perform all across Japan and overseas. You can listen to J.GOSPEL songs on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook or other SNS.